About Me

I believe we are born stars and meant to shine our light, but life and traumas have damaged us on such a level. I have fought so much to SHINE this light. My mission is to hold space for as many people as I can to prove to them they are unique and deserve a return to love.

I am Gisela Rocha

After 30 years of professional choreography and director work presented in America, Europe, Asia, and Brazil, my deep interest in understanding and helping people has driven me to my current vocation. As a body-mind mentor, therapist, energy healer, and group facilitator, my mission is to inspire individuals and groups with my personal physical movement method. I aim to get people to connect with themselves with a greater energy flow than what they currently experience. With my method, I “open up” people to being more trusting and becoming the best version of themselves. I also use this same method to train teachers. My objective is to accompany them during the learning process and to reinforce their existing knowledge. I also look at ways to enhance their internal capabilities and impart valuable skills which introduce inner harmony. Ultimately my role is to be your co-pilot on this universal human journey of self-love and self-empowerment.

What I Offer

Weekly Classes

Join our Embodiment Club and reconnect with your body. Be part of our empowering community!

Private Classes

Want to work with Gisela? In these one on one sessions you dive deeper and release any trauma or blockage through movement.

12 Months MFL Certification

Bring your life to the next level and embody yourself with the best under Gisela’s guidance.

Start your Movement for Life journey

Are you ready to invest in your health and your self-empowerment?  It is time to thrive.