Are you feeling exhausted and disconnected?

Lacking a safe place and an absolute support?

Do you want to let go of stress, fear

and express the emotions that were kept inside?

Come join us.

Practice with us.

Expand your consciousness and come back home!



Dance With Me classes invite you to take a moment out of a busy life and decide to make the best of it by practicing Conscious Dance. When being truly present in our bodies, we are given a chance to rewind and discover what might not be noticed before. Let this step be the first one on the way to places your heart dreams of reaching. Change your energy to change your life.





It is a personal exploration of an individual self, allowing to truly live in a present moment by raising the awareness and connecting the body to the mind. Dance With Me program is suitable for everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, fitness level or an experience in dance.


Combining both, the physical and the mental sides of the practice, Conscious Dance has a great potential of healing. It can help to reduce pain, relieve stress, eliminate body tension and slow the aging process down. Moreover, with specially developed exercises you can rediscover your vitality, passion, perception of the physical sensations, space and feelings; improve your balance and the strength – all in a pleasurable way.



The sessions are opened with a guided warm up that is later followed by a set of exercises. In Dance With Me, we will have objectives of flow, focus, direction, masculine and feminine qualities, continuity, slowness and speed, letting go and deeply connecting to our hearts. We will search for our energy centers by grounding ourselves in order to move towards a transcendent, meditative state of being. With the tools of improvisation, we will investigate personal expression in a playful atmosphere and with interactive exercises in pairs, trios or groups we will activate a connection and a capacity to relate to the others. The sessions are accompanied with a live music, diversity of rhythms that will enhance the experience of different dynamics and emotions.



01. Increased physical fitness and gross motor skills development.




02. Giving people the ability to express emotions.



03. Improved confidence and Self-esteem.



04. Stress Relief.


05. Reduces depression




After a long life practice of Conscious dance, I created fundamental elements and a vocabulary system of energy that will help you to reach a deeper understanding of emotional blocks, rhythmic variations, as well as of notions which would be hardly possible to access on your own. The learning process is brought out progressively, just like in yoga or a meditation, by increasing the challenges gradually and having a constant guidance and support. With poor or no instructions at all, we can get stuck in our old habits, both in dance and in life. While a subtle, clear and positive direction will enable you to speed up the progress and enjoy an instant transformation of your life.

Important Information 

· It is an open class, we are happy to welcome you without a pre-registration!

· Please bring a water bottle and comfortable clothes with you.

· Unfortunately, we can only receive cash and would really appreciate if you facilitated the payment change. Thank you for the kind understanding.

More Information (in German)

"Dance is not something that can be explained in words. It has to be danced"  

Paige Arden

Articles in the online magazine WSIMAG

Baden - Switzerland


Jeweils 19.30 bis 22 Uhr 



10. Oktober 2019 - Donnerstag

11. November 2019 - Montag 

05. Dezember 2019 - Donnerstag

Location: Sebastianskappelle,

Kirchplatz 11, 5400 Baden

Costs per person/class: 35 CHF

Mehr Informationen

Bewusster Tanz hat sogar Heilungspotential. Er kann helfen, körperliche Schmerzen zu lindern, Stress abzubauen, den Alterungsprozess zu verlangsamen und körperliche Verspannungen zu beseitigen. Tanz ist auch ein probates Mittel, um blockierte Energien wieder freizusetzen.


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