Master your freedom of Body and Upgrade.  Your Energy by joining me in my Personal Program...

Each and every human bidy knows and speaks it's own dialect of emotional and physical sensations: Joy, Pain, Balance, Trauma, Power and or even Grace, are only a few of the potential conversations.


Yet we limit ourselves with so many confusing notions about the very magic that is contained within us.


Instead, learn to liberate your unique energies by building rapport with a skilled, experienced and passionate master of body freedom. In this One on One segment of her various wellness packgaes on offer, Gisela will closely and carefully, guide and work you up into a state of total awareness.

Heal your personal life flow with this dedicated "conscious movement" coach and come to love all the vital aspects of yourself to be celebrated every day.



Features & Benefits Contained in this multi-layered program.

· Body / Mind Connection
· Energy and Shadow Work to bring closure and clarity
· Self-expression
· Presence in leadership
· Wholesome relationships
· Learning the powerful “code” of body language
· We will work on what holds you back emotionally & physically


Improve mindfulness in public presentations, talks with clients, and in personal / intimate interactions

· Free up energy blockages which are known to cause such self-sabotaging beliefs systems as: I am shy, I can’t be social
· Overcome inertia and "get out of your own way” - by pass debilitating mindsets and perceptions of personal inadequacies
· Expand mental capacity
· Increase presence
· Turn down useless, ongoing thinking volume - just thinking all the time and feeling nothing

Balance mental energy and increase magnetism in the heart space

· Release fear of intimacy
· Rediscover how to connect with emotions using empathy
· Slow down aging and promote happiness by stimulating the flow of your body's natural serotonin & oxytocin hormones
· Reduce physical discomfort
· Decompress and shake off depression
· Improve self-love
· Optimize Vitality



Feeling stuck in your own skin?

Disconnected from your emotions?
Too much mental energy robbing you of spontaneity?
Incapable of listening to others as leader?
Short temper?
Afraid to show up and speak in public?
Feeling stiff or sexually blocked?
Longing to let go of negative behavior?
Too shy to move forward in your career?
Trying to fit in any environment just to be accepted?
Are you living in the stories you create just out of basic survival? 

WHO IS THIS FOR? (Is this program for me?)

What it takes to free ourselves from limitations imposed by our systematic patterns of belief

What it takes to master and even transcend our lives

We are projecting our energy all the time - Body Sphere - Avatar Soul

You will experience the fun of riding the waves of transformation that conscious movement therapy offers.

This program is designed for you to achieve a beautiful, healthy connection with your body mind & soul

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