Music, dance, movement and together "dä Plausch ha" is the motto f the new dance and exercise program on the right bank of Lake Zurich, in Meilen. You learn to dance to the rhythm and can let your joy of movement run wild. Together with your colleagues, you can try out cool Hip Hop moves, cool Dancing Turns, as well classics and strengthen your body and get to know the different music styles. 




Zurich is one of the largest leisure providers for people with disabilities. Every year, we bring together more than 1`000 people, thereby promoting inclusion. The core offer consists of holidays, annual courses, excursions and our meeting in Zurich Oerlikon. 

With a lot of creativity, passion and professionalism we design our versatile leisure activities, which are always aimed at the needs and interests of our guest and participants with special needs. They form the heart of Zurich. Through dialogue and patient listening, we strive to fullfill their wishes.


Dance can help children with emotional regulation by

Assisting children in expressing traumatic experiences, challenging social circumstances, and reliving those experiences through of the movement.

Body awareness helps children learn to recognize and understand physical signs of distress. Responding physical signs of distress is an important learning to cope and regulate emotions.

Movement as treatment can also assist children who over-regulate to physically express some of their suppressed emotions.

“Movement is a  medicine for creating change in a person's  phisycal, emotional and mente states.”

Carol Welch


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