Online Masterclass Package

CHF 189.00

I have designed The Masterclass Series, consisting of monthly deep dive sessions, to guide you to consciously transform and manifest the following themes.

* Embody your Confidence
* Find Your Authenticity
* Speak Up, Own Your Voice

The Masterclass Series will offer not only stories from my life experience but also tools for reflection, embodiment, acceptance, and celebrating your uniqueness and power!

Components of Masterclass

* Guided meditation
* Setting Personal Intention
* Body Awareness and Movement Session
* Journaling with powerful questions
* Sharing Stories and Experiences from Our Lives
* Interactions with Movement for Life tribe
* Energy Healing
* Creation of a Personal Vision
* Set and Declare Affirmations
* Group Reflection and Integration
* Celebrate!

“If you feel the calling to shift something in you,
if you love movement, spirituality and art,
this is the place to be”

My Request to You

Come with curiosity, come ready for your tears, come ready to laugh, come ready to write, come ready to sweat, come ready know yourself better, come ready to show up!

You will be highly supported, guided and inspired by the Movement for Life teachers, community and learners.

Suggestion for you to get the best of the Masterclass Series:
* Attend all three sessions
* Come in red or purple
* Prepare your room to receive your healing
* Decorate and choose what you want to put on the altar
* Transform your home into a powerful conscious place

Why trust me?

I am bringing for you, my 40 years of experience in movement direction, arts and choreography. I have created and directed over 35 dance productions across the major stages of the world. In my teaching, not only do I bring my learnings and experience, I use very strong intuitive practices together with a solid methodology grounded in movement and healing arts. I love to take my students to enlightened clarity and to a deep connection with the soul, in a fun, powerful and positive way.

Online Masterclass Package Includes 3 x masterclasses:

Masterclass: Authenticity
Date: 11th of March | 
Time: 15:00 – 18:0

Masterclass: Masterclass Own Your Voice And Speak Up
Dates: 15th of April
 | Time: 15:00 – 18:00

You can use this bundle package for attending any three masterclasses offered in 2023.