Online Masterclass: Embodying Self Confidence

CHF 75.00



The Embodying Self-Confidence Online Masterclass 

Confidence is an important quality to embody in life. It can help us to take on challenging tasks, engage in meaningful conversations, and feel comfortable in our body.

How many times have we let an opportunity slip because of fear and insecurity?

How have we limited ourselves and not been fully aware of our capacity?

Building Confidence is an important part of life:

In the Masterclass Embodying Confidence, we will explore the Movement For Life methods of healing arts on how to own your power. We will write, reflect, dance, and learn to understand how our body operates in the language of confidence.

Gisela Rocha, our master teacher, will share her life story from her 40-year successful international career and her time-tested methods to embody confidence.

What does true confidence mean?

It’s enduring and is gently built up day by day. It is loving yourself enough to go into action to create the life you want and deserve, and with that, your self-esteem grows.

We invite you to a 3-hour exploration and deep dive, with movement, conversations and powerful introspective questions. In this Masterclass, you will gain tools that you can implement in your daily life, and organically your confidence will increase.

The tools:

Setting small goals

Practising self-care

Celebrating your successes

Being aware of your own resilience

Being aware of the challenges you already overcame


Healing arts

,,Believe in yourself and know you are capable of accomplishing anything”

Join our Masterclass and let’s start liberating ourselves of our limitations and move to an empowered version of ourselves

Date: 1st of April 2023Time: 15:00 – 18:00 CET / 9 am – 12 pm ESTPlace: Online via Zoom. Details will be sent via email after registration. Contribution: CHF 75