Monday Moves

CHF 44.00 / Month and 30 Days free trial

Every Monday at 7pm CET, for 1 CHF for the first month and then 44 CHF a month, join our Movement class.

  • Find and stay in your power and vital energy,
  • Have a more authentic connection to yourself and bemore grounded
  • Balance your nervous system.


When was the last time you felt truly connected to your body and in tune with your senses and the present moment?

Be activated by the movement of your own body to feel grounded, connected, balance your nervous system, release tension and raise your frequency.

In a 1 hour online session, every Monday, you will experience the healing magic and vibe of our facilitators.

Feel the wholehearted community of Movement For Life Tribe and join our Monday Moves on Zoom every Monday 19:00 to 20:00 CET.