What our users are saying...

"I come from a long martial arts background and have never danced before. For me it was a jump into the unknown.Under the wonderful guidance of Gisela I feel safe to explore new ways of moving and expressing myself and interacting with others.I like the fact that there are three dimensions to every class: the most important one being with myself, with the changing partners and finally with the class as a whole.After six months of regular attendance, my body has become softer and my movements more fluid.

 Gisela is a magician and every class is a surprise and a gift and I am grateful that I can take part in this exciting journey."

Ethan Oelman  


"Just to let the people know: this is a singular "course" where we can meet us, inside, and be ourselves in our essence. And better: we can show this and dance! To know this part of myself is amazing. To heal what needs to be healed and feel more complete. Thank you Gisela to give us this great opportunity!"

Andrea Schuler



"I really felt light and easy after the exercise. At the beginning, I remember my body and mind were not loose yet. I had a lot of things on my mind that day. Starting the exercise, I first had to start feeling comfortable with some new movements. However, then I overcame the barrier because I started to connect with my emotions and another factor was that being in a small group, I felt comfortable to do that. Things which helped me to shift my thoughts away and focus on small things, was definitly following your instructions ... concentrate on arms, head, shoulder only ect. "

Leonie Vetten

 'I really love Gisela's work. Normally I have 3 left feet and am totally in my head but some how something else happens when Gisela Rocha holds a space..'

Jena Griffiths,

Founder and CEO at earth School