About MFL

Movement For Life is a Movement-based Embodiment Practice for Personal Transformation & Healing. Using different Rhythms & Movements, we invite Self-Awareness in Dance for Body-Soul Reconnection, Self-Expression, & Self-Love.
Movement For Life (MFL) was created to inspire people to explore self-expression – the key to freedom. Combining movement, meditation, and the creative arts, this method aims to build a new consciousness, putting emphasis on healing and well-being. With its maps, activations, and principles, MFL works with the body as a tool for transformation and self-liberation, bringing about a flowing body, a vibrant personality, and a new lifestyle. As a method, it is one that is in constant evolution, while consistently raising awareness about the process; as a living organization, it continually invests in the development of its tribe members.

More about MFL

A number of people are ignoring signs which their bodies are giving them, and are as such living with anxiety, fear, pain, body insecurity, lack of self-confidence, without being able to set boundaries, and feeling disconnected to their feelings. This is the main cause of suffering.

What’s on offer?
With its focus on movement and the healing arts, along with a mentorship program, the Movement For Life teacher training course offers you the possibility to change people’s lives as well as have a new career orientation.

During this course, you’ll be able to experience flow, understand the balance of movements, and explore new ways of being in the body, ultimately helping people with a lack of confidence to reconnect with self-love.

The method will enable students to learn how to work with clients one-on-one as well as in groups, both online and in person.



⭐ Connection with the body

⭐ Learn self-expression

⭐ The language of authenticity

⭐ Understand what are current blocking areas of your life

⭐ Creating conscious and healthier relationships

⭐ Gain clarity and self-confidence

⭐ Recognize self-sabotage

⭐ Overcome mental negative habits

⭐ Learn how to set boundaries

⭐ Balance the masculine & the feminine

⭐ Release trauma, fear, and pain

⭐ Harmony with your body figure

⭐ Expand intuition

⭐ Deep healing in general

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Are you ready to invest in your health and your self-empowerment?  It is time to thrive.