Do you dream of faster manifestations, spot-on blockage removing and effective trauma healing?

Experience Your Transformation!

Saturday, 25th of May 2024

12 pm – 4 pm

Zurich Stadtoase, Tobelhofstrasse 21, 8044 Zurich


Gisela, our spiritual teacher, will guide you through your new journey.
In this unique four-hour session you get to know her effective and powerful methods by combining spirituality, healing, shadow work, and manifestation with dance and movement.

Our community creates a safe space. We welcome empathy, love and an open heart. We don’t judge and you should not be ashamed of any emotion. We have all been there. We are here to heal and step through the portal of hope, freedom, love and success.


What awaits You:

Guidance from Gisela:
Allow Gisela to be your compass as she leads you through a powerful exploration of spiritual teachings, healing practices, and the transformative realms of shadow work and manifestation.

Dance and Movement:
Experience the profound connection between body and spirit through dance and movement. Gisela will expertly guide you in incorporating these physical expressions into your spiritual journey.

Integration of Spirituality:
Discover how spirituality is not confined to the ethereal, but a living, breathing force that can be woven seamlessly into your daily life.

Shadow Work:
Unveil the hidden aspects of yourself through shadow work, and learn to embrace and integrate them for holistic personal growth.

Manifestation Mastery:
Explore the art of manifestation as Gisela opens a portal of the universe for your intentions, creating a pathway for your desires to manifest.

Community Connection:
Connect with like-minded individuals on a shared journey of self-discovery and growth, fostering a sense of community and support.

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