One On One with Gisela

Experience the power of Movement For Life with the master Gisela Rocha in these exclusive sessions. 

Deep Connection

Experience a deep connection with your body while moving with Gisela. Embody your whole being in the present moment.

Tailor Made

Gisela will guide you through the perfect movement sequence to help you transcend your current challenges.

Enhanced Clarity

Each movement and explanations bring you closer to further clarity about yourself, your emotions, thoughts, and body.

Instant Healing

As you increase your inner alignment while consciously moving with Gisela, shifts and healing occur instantenously.

Feeling Empowered

The perception of your being grows and you now feel blessed and empowered to be this amazing body that is moving in tune with the world.

Feeling Supported

With ease, Gisela guides you to a freer version of you. With care, she provides the support you need to help you transform effortlessly.


I had a mind-blowing call with Gisela on Monday about self-love. I have been struggling all my life with always wanting to please people so I always made decisions based on other peoples’ happiness. I never speak up for myself, I always neglected my needs which lead to anxiety and depression most of my life. […] I had the opportunity to do that last night in a meeting. It was hard for me to voice my opinion but I did it anyway. I know that this will be an ongoing dance with the monkey mind but I need to start putting ME first. ~ Stephanie


What Results Can I Expect?

You shall experience a new level of embodiment that covers personal power, self-love, self-knowledge, forgiveness, clarity, and joy. Some additional results:
1. Move forward feeling liberated and more energized
2. Becoming grounded
3. Balancing masculine & feminine energy
4. Freeing resistance to flow
5. Deep connection between body, mind and, soul
6. Clarity in all areas of your life
7. Improve self–expression

What Should I Bring?

You need a private room where you can move and dance, a computer for your zoom session and your journal. That’s it!

Should I Need To Prepare?

Come with an outfit to be able to move freely and something to write down your thoughts. Each session will have a clear focus discussed according to the vision’s goals plan.

Will I Be Able To Follow Your Instructions?

Yes, this method is designed to include everyone. Armed with your willingness and curiosity, you will have a life-changing experience.

Do You Offer Packages?

In order to have a long-term impact on your life, Gisela believes in working a minimum of 3 months together for optimal results.

Is The Session Recorded?

Yes, you will want to repeat the sessions and see them from another angle, with another perception.

Start your Movement for Life journey

Are you ready to invest in your health and your self-empowerment?  It is time to thrive.