Each and every human body knows and speaks it's own dialect of emotional and physical sensations: Joy, Pain, Balance, Trauma, Power and or even Grace, are only a few of the potential conversations.



Yet we limit ourselves with so many confusing notions about the very magic that is contained within us.



Instead, learn to liberate your unique energies by building rapport with a skilled, experienced and passionate master of body freedom. In this One on One segment of her various wellness packages on offer, Gisela will closely and carefully, guide and work you up into a state of total awareness.

Heal your personal life flow with this dedicated "conscious movement” coach and come to love all the vital aspects of yourself to be celebrated every day.



 Master your freedom of Body and

 Upgrade Your Energy By Joining

 Me In My Personal Program…


Feeling stuck in your own skin?

Disconnected from your emotions?

Too much mental energy robbing you of spontaneity?

Incapable of listening to others as leader?

Short temper?

Afraid to show up and speak in public?

Feeling stiff or sexually blocked?

Longing to let go of negative behavior?

Too shy to move forward in your career?

Trying to fit in any environment just to be accepted?

Are you living in the stories you create just out of basic survival?


When you notice you are not present, what is happening to your energy level is that it drops and this becomes visible. Our self-expression changes and it is not very pleasant or spectacular in terms of communication and interaction with others.


I want you to feel good and energetic, whenever you wish - as we all deserve to. Enjoy being in your body with confidence and pure pleasure. Charismatic leaders, great artists and writers - or anyone who is connected in body, mind and soul - radiate a presence that is very opposite to that of people who are stuck, impatient or tense. People who experience a distinct state of self-flow, never want to settle for anything less than their very best behavior. And it is totally possible to master and embody this state of being every day, thanks to our program. You don’t need to wait for weekends or holidays to adopt this approach. It is a perspective generated from within.


A state of presence is the ultimate formula for an overall successful life and the greatest asset in life isn’t the cash sum contained in your bank account, but the rediscovery of a healthy mind vibrating inside a healthy body.


I learnt how to tune into my sensations and finally start to live in the present moment. With this new mindset, creativity flows as health. We all want to enjoy life and perform with high efficiency. With less resistance, pain and stress. Libido is life force. It is the state of mind and body that creates great things. It promotes creativity, passion, strategy and competence. Manifests dreams and builds profound meaning in our lives. We want to be connected to one another, with values that matter and make our lives precious and worthwhile. We are not designed to want to function mechanically, like robots disconnected from our emotions, feelings and sensations.


When we change a belief system in thought, word and emotional pattern, we change our body. Then comes change in our situation. And finally, we change our reality. The millionaire body mind lives within you...why not cash in your chips now!