One on One with Gisela (3 months)

CHF 4'250.00

3-month package with Gisela Rocha – Zoom sessions every Monday



3-month package with Gisela Rocha – Zoom sessions every Monday

Experience the power of Movement For Life with the master Gisela Rocha in these exclusive sessions.




What Results Can I Expect?

You shall experience a new level of embodiment that covers personal power, self-love, self-knowledge, forgiveness, clarity, and joy. Some additional results:
1. Move forward feeling liberated and more energized
2. Becoming grounded
3. Balancing masculine & feminine energy
4. Freeing resistance to flow
5. Deep connection between body, mind and, soul
6. Clarity in all areas of your life
7. Improve self–expression

What Should I Bring?

You need a private room where you can move and dance, a computer for your zoom session and your journal. That’s it!

Should I Need To Prepare?

Come with an outfit to be able to move freely and something to write down your thoughts. Each session will have a clear focus discussed according to the vision’s goals plan.

Will I Be Able To Follow Your Instructions?

Yes, this method is designed to include everyone. Armed with your willingness and curiosity, you will have a life-changing experience.

Do You Offer Packages?

In order to have a long-term impact on your life, Gisela believes in working a minimum of 3 months together for optimal results.

Is The Session Recorded?

Yes, you will want to repeat the sessions and see them from another angle, with another perception.