I am eternally grateful for the space you hold for us to transform, for the possibility of recognizing the power in us…

This course, the teachings, and you Gisela taught me how to embrace myself, my rhythm, and the rhythms around me.

~ Daisy Astorga



Sophie Borgel

Gisela is truly a magician and yet a beautiful and powerful guide. My intention for the session was to learn to connect with my emotions and feelings to be able in that connection not only to honor those emotions (instead of putting them under the rug as a sign of resilience) but also learn in that connection to go back to my core, to be able to always choose where I go and how I feel. We danced.  It is hard for me to express how I feel but in some words, here are my insights :

* i felt connected to my heart and to Life  and to the Divine

* i felt liberated and free, calm and alive

* I felt Gisela ‘s beautiful energy over me and inside me and through.

Humbled for this beautiful being that Gisela is .. a mirror to the soul in those blue eyes and for sure to me a strong connection to Gaïa! Gisela Gaïa – Thank you!


Bruce Bough | Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Medical Researcher

Gisela is a very powerful shaman because she understands that all starts with love, starts with the heart. If we take the love both for ourselves and everyone else and the kindness and we apply with the wisdom of the mind, it gives us the right movement to act in the world. I think that was the real message from today.

You could go all the way around the world, the winds the fourth winds. The southeast-northwest, you can go up and down, but right in the very center, the balance point is the heart of the shaman, and it is from that the everything goes, out of movement comes stillness, and with stillness you have balance, and with the balance, you the opportunity to change and take your life in any directions. It is a wonderful teaching.

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Tara Sinniger

Movement For Life has transformed me deeply. I started my journey 4 years ago, and the practice has really taken me out of my head and allowed me to be more in my body – for that I will be forever be grateful. Movement Therapy allowed me to experience and express sides of me that I had never experienced before, to confront my limitations and to go beyond them, to release trapped emotions, and to reconnect with myself. It brings a sense of liberation, heightened consciousness, deep healing, and new energy in one’s life. It gives you the key to your body and therefore to the present moment, and to freedom.


Judith Koch

Gisela Rocha you guided me into my element the first time. What happened from then on is just mindblowing. I never could stop to move and to practice. It was the biggest gift I could receive. And it changed and transformed me as I never could imagine. My gratitude is beyond all words. I mastered fear, I unlocked the magic, I understood about my power and my boundaries, I re-cover and remember my deep joy in play- and co-creating out of the moment, I learned how to ground myself and hold space for me and others. I stepped into another level of presence, understanding, compassion and love. And all of you were part of this. WE HEAL THROUGH UNITY. Let’s grow stronger and stronger together. With all my love.


Daisy Astorga

The first time I saw and attended a session from Gisela Rocha, founder of Movement For Life, I instantly knew I wanted to learn her methods and teachings. Gaining back the connection to myself through dancing was what I needed. As a teenager, I built up a tendency to self-sabotage. I started taking drugs, and I suffered from depression. In my twenties, I started to look for ways to put myself out of the misery I was living. I needed to let go of the experiences I had, I needed to learn to forgive myself and others, I needed to heal. At that time, my curiosity for self-development grew, my journey of healing started. After reading books on how to live in the moment, watching Youtube videos on how to forgive and let go, visiting seminars on how to live a more passionate and peaceful life, I finally met her. With Gisela Rocha, I had my breakthrough. I learned how to distance myself from the intriguing judgmental thoughts I sometimes have about myself and not allow them to control me. I learned to feel and accept every emotion without feeling overwhelmed all the time. I started to gain an understanding of, how to express my whole being with my body. For the first time, I came in touch with my power, the love I found for myself, my body and the healing I gained through the dance. And that’s why I decided to become a Movement Facilitator, to help people find their connection to love through awareness, their bodies and their dance.

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